Your intuition led you here, and my intuition tells me why….


You may not have all the pieces put together yet, but you know you want your life and business to feel...

Spirituality aligned
Prosperous and abundant
Impacting to yourself, your family, and the world
Bursting with exciting opportunities
Actionable, functuntial, sustainable, and scalable
Like you are finally living and working your soul’s purpose

Unfortunately, instead of doing the work you love, you spend your time feeling like you don’t know what to do and how to bring it into the world in a way people will see or resonate with it.

Do you ever think?

What would it feel like to be in complete alignment in my life and business?
Why would anyone care what I have to say?
When will I manifest opportunities that light me up and excite me, instead of chasing down leads and clients?
If I could only identify my exact blocks and paradigms holding me back I would be able to achieve success and finally uplevel my business.
How do I balance business techniques (promoting, marketing, social media, etc) with spirituality and feeling aligned?
What am I doing wrong?
Should I focus more on business or spirituality?
Should I meditate more or work more?
Is there something wrong with me?
When will my time come?
Am I even on the right path?
(Insert rabbit hole of self doubt and fear)

Can you imagine…

Learning how to create a business that is aligned with your soul's purpose, with content that amplifies your authentic voice, while scaling and creating sustainable prosperity? Having the tools and resources to create spiritually fulfilling content, social media, sales funnels, and opportunities? Trading hustle and struggle for alignment and success? Having a psychic in your pocket guiding you, reminding you of your dream and acting as a compass pointing you toward your vision Being a part of a community of spiritually minded business women to collaborate and join forces with?


All of this starts when we say “YES” to ourselves and leap into the possibilities dwelling within us.


Did you know...

It is possible to create a business that is in alignment with your soul's purpose, amplifies your mission, and impacts from the heart?
A business where you feel in the flow, instead of spiraling to gain movement or momentum.
A business with no limits, barriers, or blocks; personally, spiritually, or financially.
A business that creates freedom in your life, energy, and consciousness.
A business that works WITH you and the other priorities you hold dear.
A business that is so empowering, connected, and intuitively guided you feel like you’re in prayer or meditation when you’re working!

Welcome Spiritual Businesswoman!

I'm Christian Sinclair

When I launched my business online I had two babies under two, very little time to dedicate to my work or spirituality, and a big dream in my heart. I wanted a mentor who could bring spirituality into my business and help me create easily, effortlessly, and efficiently. I needed to know where to focus, which ideas to explore and which ones to put on the back burner. I needed guidance on things like niche, sales funnels, and Facebook ads. I felt lost in a sea of coaches, experts, and content. I was surrounded by social media platforms I didn’t understand, wasn’t sure where to focus my time or energy, and was especially scared of where to invest financially. I knew what I wanted my business to look and feel like but I wasn’t sure how to make it happen.

Most of all, I wanted to feel like my business was cohesive to the flow of my life, my family’s life, and my spirituality.

That is why I created The Spiritual Businesswoman!

The Spiritual Businesswoman is the program I wish I would have had in my business when I started, and now it's here to support you and yours!

With over 30 years in the spiritual field, 20 years of training and receiving certifications, and 10 years working with thousands of people around the world as a spiritual teacher and coach, I support my students in a way that is authentic, unique, and customized to their individual spiritual needs.

As a businesswoman I have training and experience in PR, marketing, email systems, branding, content creation, SEO, business ethics, website design, custom service, podcasting, videos, sales funnels and everything-in-between. These two elements give my students the most well rounded, fully embodied, spiritual and professional support across the board to create a life and business that fits their vision, style, and desires.


As a psychic, intuitive, and healer, I assist my students in identifying any blocks or negative programming that is interfering with their success in any area, and healing them at the root.



As a spiritual woman you want to create a business that feels aligned, consciousness changing, soul igniting, and massively abundant.

As a woman in the physical world, you need the fundamentals of business in order to create an empire that it sustainable, scaleable, and prosperous.

The Spiritual Businesswoman unites these two worlds in a seamless, powerful and sacred way, that supports, encourages, and inspires you to step up into the most successful version of YOU.


The Spiritual Business Woman was created to navigate every aspect of yourself and your business, spiritually, personally, mentally, emotionally, financially, and energetically.

It is literally designed to give your soul's purpose a voice, and amplify that voice into the world in a way that makes impact, money, and light led influence.

Through this heart and light centered program, you will be able to discover...

Your soul's purpose, and how to infuse it into your business
Your spiritual path through The Spiritual Archetypes
Your business style, through The Spiritual Business Archetypes
The negative mindset, patterns, or programming keeping you from fulfilling your mission and how to heal, adjust, and conquer them.
Your aura and energy and how it affects your presence, videos, photos, etc.
Which types of social media, marketing, and business tools resonate with you
The psychology of your business, colors, branding etc.

And that’s just the beginning….

Here's a peek at Some of the Magic Included in this Program:

12 Weeks of Weekly Group Mentoring and Masterclasses

On our weekly calls you and your vision will be fully and completely supported. This is a sacred space for questions, guidance, and sharing. You are never alone on your journey! During our time together the women in the group, as well as I, will be here support, inspire, motivate, and encourage you to reach your goals, every step of the way.

Our Masterclasses you will expand your knowledge and blow your mind! From chakras, to oils, energy to Feng Shui, as well as websites, funnels, quizzes, and landing pages, these masterclasses with you take you from seeker and novice, to spiritual and business master.

Weekly 1:1 Mentorship Calls

Every women in this program is mentored on a weekly basis inside of our group calls. Success is not one size fits all because our dreams and visions are not one size fits all. Your dreams are as exceptional as you are. In order to create a personalized success blueprint that is customized to you and your soul's purpose, you will receive time each week to be seen, heard, and individually supported.

Group Healing Sessions

As a healer trained in Theta, Oneness Blessings, Christian Science, Reiki, and many other modalities, I will lead various group master healings to insure that any blocks are removed, and healed at the deepest levels possible, to support your highest success personally, spiritually, and professionally. These are incredibly powerful sessions!

A Personalized Spiritual Businesswoman Guidebook!

One of my FAVORITE features about this program! The Spiritual Businesswoman is customized to YOU. One of the ways we achieve this is by starting the program with a natal and souls purpose chart, photo reading, Spiritual Archetypes and spiritual Business Archetypes, and putting them all into one personalized sacred guidebook for you to keep.

We then kick off the program with one private hour long intuitive coaching session via phone or skype, where we deep dive into your guidebook, all the elements of it, and how they affect your life, path, and business.

This guidebook and session itself, will change your life!

Private Facebook Community

One of the fastest ways to propel our consciousness into the life and vision we desire is by seeing that it is possible. When we witness women step into their greatness it motivates, encourages, and ignites a fire within us to step into our greatness. This is one of the gifts of The Spiritual Businesswoman tribe! By being in a community of like minded spiritual business women we celebrate each other’s achievements while acting as models of integrity, success, abundance, and leadership.

Your Business Chakras!

Did you know that your business has chakras? Chakras are part of the Far Eastern thought and tradition, with mention of them as far back as 1700BC. Traditional holds that we all have seven major chakras that are non-psychical energy votexes/points that emanate from various points along the center of our body--ranging from the back of the spine to the crown of our head. These seven centers connect, and relate, to our seven major endocrine glands, as well as relating to our psychological and spiritual archetypes and our seven spiritual paths. Through the chakras, we can gain insight, clarity, and mastery within the deepest part of our being--mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

The chakras, and how they function within you, will also impact your business and its prosperity, influance, and impact. For instance, if you personally have a blocked throat chakra you may find it easy to communicate, voice your mission, or speak to your dream clients.

In this program you will learn more about the chakras, how they impact you, and how they affect your business + money!

Energy Cycle Mapping

Every person has their own energy cycle when we feel most aligned, motivated, and energetic. When we work with our Energy Cycle, we feel creative, inspired, and excited. If we work outside of, or against our Energy Cycle, we feel burned out, resistant, and in some cases, unable to work completely.

In the Spiritual Businesswoman you will learn how to map and diagnose your Energy Cycle in order to work with your body, mind, and souls, natural rhythms, which creates the most alignment, impact, influance, and profit.

Join the new wave of Spiritual Businesswomen!

The world needs your magic and light!


Some of the Masterclasses Included:


There’s a saying in acting, “The camera doesn’t lie” well, it’s the same for your energy. Your energy doesn’t lie, and if you’re not loving yourself, your life, or your business, your would-be soulmate clients are going to pick up on it. But you can’t just focus on changing your energy to solve the problem.

Your energy is an extension of you, but it is not you. Therefore, we have to fix, heal, or adjust our thoughts, beliefs, mindset, or spiritual discernment, which will simultaneously change the way your energy emulates.

Your energy is merely a symptom of your spiritual health, whether healthy or unhealthy. By increasing your spiritual immunity the energy symptoms grow stronger, healthier, and more irresistible to your soulmate clients.

In this masterclass, you will learn to diagnose your energy, heal the negative beliefs or blocks keeping their energy weak, and how to build their spiritual immunity to create major impact in their businesses.


Not all social media platorms are congruent with you and your souls purpose or business vision. Honing in on which platforms are most in alignment with you,  and how to best utilize them, will create more traction, connection, and growth in a way that feels organic and fulfilling. This masterclass will cover the differnt platforms, who they work best for, and how to become more soulful in your social media.


From July 8 until August 1 Mercury will be retrograde in Leo and Cancer. This will encourage us to stop from the daily commotion and to focus more on our personality, on our characteristics and on the way we present ourselves, as well as our communication and relationships. This masterclass with further explore how this affects your business identity and professional relationships.


In the Quantum Quizzes Masterclass I will share the exact steps I used to create a quiz that attracted over 10,000 new subscribers to my newsletter in only FIVE WEEKS, and has now been taken almost 400k times!
You will learn the spiritual aspects of how I created my archetypes, as well as the fundamentals of how to create the quiz itself, landing pages, guidebooks, and all the details it requires to create a viral quiz!

You feel the call to step into your greatness.

You know that you were created with intention and purpose to not just survive, but to THRIVE.

You feel your intuition telling you that it's time.

Through your souls purpose, and the work that you do, you can change lives, hearts, and the world.


Book your complimentary clarity call for The Spiritual Businesswomen!

Jennifer Leigh Jennifer Leigh, Essentially Mindful Life

"I've followed Christian for a long time and didn't doubt her ability to help me. I loved how easy it was to open up to her knowing that she heard me and saw me. She was honest and compassionate; direct but gentle; willing to really listen and see what I needed. Christian is compassionate and understanding, but she is willing to say the hard things in order to get her clients to have a shift. I truly feel like she has the intention for the highest good. The take aways, shifts, and insight were priceless and life changing."

Tracy Neely Tracy Neely , Women's Mindset Coach

Working with Christian felt like a transformation took place on a really deep level. I now feel more open to sharing my intuitive and psychic abilities. I have also shifted how I feel about my business which has allowed me to create a powerful new way of working with clients. Christian is the real deal and so unassuming about her spiritual gifts. She is a powerful healer and very giving and supportive in helping you experience your transformation.

Crystal Rodriguez Crystal Rodriguez , Actress + Writer

I have no idea how she does it, but Christian is just undeniably gifted. I came to her when I was at a low point and every relationship in my life seemed to be falling apart. I realized that I was repeating a pattern and I was desperate to get out of it and stay out of it - once and for all. Just a few minutes into our conversation - not much backstory at all - Christian was able to shine the light on the root cause of it all. She just instinctively knew. Christian is hands down, one of the most beautiful, caring people I have ever met. In working with her, I've come to love and accept myself in every way I never imagined. Mind-freakin'-blowing!

Lena Nowmos, Healer + Massage Therapist

Working with Christian is like being supported by a wise, old friend. The session feels like she is stepping into your soul because she quickly relates to what you are currently processing, helping you get to the root of the issues at hand. Every time we connect, I feel empowered to remember my divinity as she helps me dismantle un-truths without judgment. I suggest booking a session if you are ready to shake out the cobwebs and enlighten your journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconWill I receive 1:1 Coaching?

    Yes! We will start the program with a 60-90 minute private session via phone or Skype where we will go over your custom Spiritual Business Woman guidebook. Additionally, you will receive personal support in our group class setting via Zoom.

  • q-iconWhat if I miss a call or masterclass?

    All classes and masterclasses will be recorded and put into our group platform to watch any time in the future.

  • q-iconWhen does the program start?

    This period of The Spiritual Businesswoman will begin June 3rd and run for 12 weeks.

  • q-icon Do I have to own a spiritual business to be a part of The Spiritual Businesswoman?

    This program is for women who are spiritual and in business, but you do not have to be a spiritual business owner to be a part of the program. Past clients have been crossfit gym owners, educators for foster families, event coordinators, healers, spiritual teachers and speakers, authors, herbalists, and everything in between. As long as you are in business or looking to start a business, and are spiritual, or looking to expand your spirituality, this is the right program for you.

  • q-iconWhy do you do applications to join The Spiritual Businesswoman?

    To ensure that everyone receives the best support in The Spiritual Business Woman, we will first start with an enrollment call. This allows us to get to know one another better, but also to insure we are a good fit and that the style, work, and investment resonates with where you are at currently.

  • q-iconIs this for online businesses only or can I join if I have a non-internet based business?

    One of the unique aspects of my experience is that I have built a successful business online and offline. My business originally started at events, expos, conferences, in-person healing and coaching, which is how it was built and grew, for the first few years. It wasn’t until after I had children that I took my business online so that I could be home with my children. Whether you have a business online or offline, The Spiritual Businesswoman will teach you how to grow and expand your business!

  • q-iconWhat if I want to start a business but don't have one yet?

    The Spiritual Businesswoman is about meeting women where they are at. Whether you are just starting your business, have a vision but don’t know how to bring it to life, or are ready to take it to the next level of prosperity, sustainability, scalability, and consistency, our work together will be tailored to YOU and what resonates with your soul’s purpose.

Feeling the intuitive hit that this is for you, but still need some further discussion?

Book your complimentary clarity call to discuss if The Spiritual Businesswoman is the best match for you and your business!