Pardon Over Persecution

Persecution is one of the most ramped diseases of Man. It has caused the most historically tragic events and effects us on a daily basis. Persecution in the form of judgements occurs constantly in such normalized forms that we generally do not even realize we are being judgmental.

From the politicians we disagree with to the playground bully, the actress who’s fashion or choices we dislike to our bosses, clients, or coworkers. We may see someone who has what we want and put them down because “They don’t deserve it as much as we do.” Judgement is so common we unconsciously participate and encourage it on a fairly daily basis.

When we judge another person we are letting our ego have an opinion and giving it room to voice that opinion. We are putting others down in order to gain a false sense of security, hope, peace, or worth. Judgement is like a drug. It is a quick fix that never sustains us but gives us a momentary “high”. Only like a drug, the more we give in to the quick fix the further we fall from our true selves.

The Challenge

The Pardon Over Persecution Challenge is a personal undertaking which retrains the human mind to silence the ego voice and default to our spiritual consciousness. Instead of carelessly judging you would instead notice a judgement and replace it with a blessing.

You will also track the emotions behind the judgement. Bringing where the judgement originally stemmed from to the Light gives us the opportunity to heal it and speak the Truth to it, rather than letting it fester and become judgement elsewhere. For seven days you will get to stop any persecution and offer pardon in its place while simultaneously reprogramming your mindset to offer compassion and empathy.

Being a spiritual master means seeing the light in all things. It means removing the egos mouthpiece and giving Spirit complete influence over your thoughts and words. If you are ready for this challenge then I invite you to download your complimentary Pardon Over Persecution ebook here:

Pardon Over Persecution Ebook and Workbook

You have the power to eliminate the persecuting voice of ego and allow Spirit to offer pardon through you. Create more peace, love, understanding, and mastery in your life and become your authentic self while uplifting and blessing others.

Pardon Over Persecution Workbook

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