Would you love to start fulfilling your highest potential as a soul and receive mentoring on the spiritual path to mastery? Are you aching for dynamic shifts, a deeper level of spiritual perception, and profound advancement in your spirituality, health, wealth, relationships, business, and life?

Have You...

  • Been on the spiritual path for a while but aren't seeing the changes you think you should manifest?
  • Experienced negativity around spirituality and religion but are looking to reconnect to Spirit?
  • Felt a connection with God but also feel drawn to the mysticism of spirituality?
  • Tried  everything, modalities, belief systems etc. but feel like you are still missing something?
  • Had a commitment to your spirituality but are still experiencing sickness, poverty, lack, or ego based symptoms?
  • Been through a spiritual awakening and are looking for the next step?
  • Implemented new practices, rituals, and ways of living but are still seeing the same results?
  • Had an interest in the supernatural side of spirituality and religion?
  • Wanted to slay your ego indefinitely?
  • Had a strong spiritual faith and practice thus far but feel like there is a deeper level calling you?




These are some of the most common struggles I hear from clients and in the spiritual industry.

After spending thirty years in the spiritual and metaphysical field and ten years as a professional mentor, I constantly encounter driven souls who are awaiting an epic spiritual connection and understanding but cannot seem to discover it.

In spirituality many people collect modalities to utilize in different areas of their lives. I have known many people who have hired a coach, specialist or mentor for literally every aspect of their life! It is not uncommon to have a person for everything; an EFT specialist, acupuncturist, astrologist, mindset coach, naturopath, energy worker, Healers, shamans, etc. simultaneously!

But what if you could combine the Truth of all modalities, religions, and beliefs systems to become a master yourself?

In my one on one Spiritual Mastery mentoring you will receive support and guidance with:

  • The skills and abilities of a spiritual master and how you can attain this for yourself.

  • Learning the Truth about the Ego and how you can divinely slay it.
  • Finding clarity as to the root of your deepest fears, blocks, and negative manifestations as well as the solutions to cure the symptoms, not only while we are working together but forever.

  • Healing and releasing old pains and trauma as well as shifting the paradigms around negative experiences.

  • Rebuilding, reconnecting, and reviving your most authentic relationship with Spirit as well as discovering the blocks that keep you from accepting God/Spirit’s blessings and abundance.

  • Awakening your inner wisdom and tuning into the Truth of Spirit.

  • Proclaiming the Truth to manifest in your life, finances, and health.

  • Debunking some of the oldest and most common spiritual and religious misperceptions as well as any personal misperceptions keeping you stuck or holding you back.

  • Practicing surrender, forgiveness, and letting go, in everyday situations for a continual spiritual consciousness.

  • Becoming a master healer for yourself, family and friends, even if you are a healer professionally.

  • Learning some of the most ancient and effective spiritual practices.

  • Embodying your most authentic, Christ, enlightened, and highest self.

  • Creating your most divinely guided, soulful, conscious, enlightened, and holy life.

In our time together you will have a spiritual mastery mentor to lovingly guide and assist you in uncovering your truest most powerful potential.

In every session together old paradigms and beliefs that have held you back or may be dormant in your subconscious will begin being released and quashed. You will gain compelling evidence of your own worth and divine royalty that with impact your life, health, business, relationships, and spirituality which will continue to unfold the more it is accessed.

Through this undoing and rebuilding process you will have a mentor who is loving, supportive, and unwavering in their commitment to you and your soul's potential.

If you are ready to step into your greatness and become the spiritual master you are meant to be, then Spiritual Mastery mentoring will give you then resources, guidance, tools, and support that you need.


Tracy Neely

Working with Christian felt like a transformation took place on a really deep level. By biggest revelation in working with her was how I perceived my relationship with God and how I had been thinking about how God saw me. Christian is the real deal and so unassuming about her spiritual gifts. She is a powerful healer and very giving and supportive in helping you experience your transformation.

Tracy Neely , Mindset Coach
Jeanine MacKinnon

Working with Christian was very easy, she taps into your flow and creates a connection from which both of us could connect within. She was able to clarify the root of my issues, something I myself never even considered. She was also able to give me insight on my husband and where he came from and why. This meant a lot to me because I was finally able to bridge an understanding between my husband and I.

Jeanine MacKinnon, Acupuncturist and doctor of Traditional Chinese
Crystal Rodriguez

I have no idea how she does it, but Christian is just undeniably gifted. I came to her when I was at a low point and every relationship in my life seemed to be falling apart. I realized that I was repeating a pattern and I was desperate to get out of it and stay out of it - once and for all. Just a few minutes into our conversation - not much backstory at all - Christian was able to shine the light on the root cause of it all. She just instinctively knew. Christian is hands down, one of the most beautiful, caring people I have ever met. Since working with Christian I'd say I feel awakened - like an entirely new person. I have gained clarity and inner peace of mind, body and soul. I've found myself in situations that a few months ago would have made my anxiety skyrocket but not anymore. I've been able to just feel calm in whatever life throws at me. I don't stress as much anymore - I'd even say, I don't stress at all! I find myself not only way more confident but more accepting of my power, my voice, my feelings. I no longer feel "bad" for feeling whatever I feel - I've accepted that my feelings are valid! This was huge for me as I've struggled with acceptance for most of my life -  putting others before me, thinking I wasn't good enough - but I've come to love and accept me in every way I never imagined. Mind-freakin'-blowing!

Crystal Rodriguez, Actress and Writer


Having worked with hundreds of clients and thousands of people over the past ten years, I have assisted people in overcoming their biggest fears, blocks, and traumas. From mindset to medical diagnosis, clients have fulfilled their highest potential regardless of all seeming  appearances.

Spiritual Mastery is about the undoing of ego and realization of our purest, truest, holiest selves. It is the awakening of your soul that knows the Truth and helping you to remember your authentic essence, purpose, and potential as a divine being.


A 30 Minute Connection Session 

Our first session together is held via phone or Skype and is a perfect opportunity to connect, ask questions about the program, create a plan for your mastery, and go over the 12-week schedule.

A Spiritual Mastery Workbook

This powerful tool will accompany you through our program and beyond. You Spiritual Mastery Workbook includes unique tools, resources, and exercises to promote your highest spiritual mastery success.

12 x 60 Minute Spiritual Mastery Mentoring Sessions 

Carefully crafted, evidence based spiritual mastery sessions to further every aspect of your life and consciousness conducted via phone or Skype.

Unlimited Email Access 

In-between our sessions you may feel the need for extra support. You will have unlimited email access to me during the duration of our 12 weeks for any questions or further guidance.


5 monthly payments of $444 or one full payment of $1,997

  1. When you are ready, please fill out the application form via this page by clicking any of the buttons.
  2. Once your application has been approved we will set up your 30-minute Connection Session via phone or Skype.
  3. After our Connection Session you will receive a client contract and forms to be filled out and returned.
  4. First payment (or full payment if you choose) will be collected at this time.
  5. Once all forms and payment are received I will email you a Welcome packet including your weekly schedule over the following 12 weeks, your Spiritual Mastery Workbook, as well as any accompanying material.
  6. We set up your first session and begin your Spiritual Mastery Mentoring!


Growing up in the spiritual and metaphysical field I was surrounded with high caliber programs, modalities and teachers who assisted me on my path. I had limitless tools and resources available to me yet regardless of how hard I worked or how much I committed to my spiritual path something was still absent.

In childhood I began practicing modalities and belief systems but still struggled with depression, suicidal tendencies, eating disorders, codependency, abusive relationships, and assorted health issues. In fact, it almost seemed as though the more I practiced and studied, the worse I became! At the age of 25 I hit a low point and lost my job, my home, and most of my belongings. It was a low point that I felt I wouldn't recover from and could not understand given how diligently I worked on myself.

During that time I began studying the original new thought movement, Christian Science, faith healing, spiritual mastery, and the Bible. The shifts I saw were not only almost immediate but long lasting. What was also amazing was that I did not have to keep working it was only a matter of practicing what I had learned and the results continued to manifest.

Within a few months of my new studies I manifested my dream relationship to my husband, our first pregnancy, our dream vehicle, and many more blessings. Within the last six years we have created a life together with:

Three beautiful children

Endless personal and professional opportunities

Our dream home

Freedom from fear and lack

A divinely guided life that is always connected and thriving

The healing of negative mindset, relationships, old paradigms, and past trauma.

And so much more!

Amanda Nelson

Working with Christian has been an absolute delight. She brings her energy and experience to every conversation to make sure I got the insights I needed. Her insights have helped me appreciate what I can control with money and my mental blocks. Because of our work together I'm able to appreciate what I have in a way I've never been able to do before. She helped me restore my faith back in myself by providing insights that I had no idea I was carrying or hiding from.

Amanda Nelson , Owner and Creative Director Jupiter Production House

Working with Christian is like being supported by a wise, old friend. The session feels like she is stepping into your soul because she quickly relates to what you are currently processing, helping you get to the root of the issues at hand. Every time we connect, I feel empowered to remember my divinity as she helps me dismantle un-truths without judgment. I suggest booking a session if you are ready to shake out the cobwebs and enlighten your journey.

Lena , Massage Therapist and Healer
Ami Lynn Engle

Within seconds I felt at ease. Christian has a wonderful demeanor that makes you open up. Her intuitive suggestions helped me find the missing pieces that I was looking for to move forward in my career.

Ami Lynn Engle

“Mastery occurs when you remove all the filters, masks, and obstacles so that you may more clearly see and connect to your power within-your divinity, your soul.”

― Peggy Sealfon


You are passionate in the pursuit of your spirituality and upleveling your consciousness. 

You are ready to live fiercely and freely, without the ego’s contribution, in complete harmony with Spirit.  

You feel an inner knowing that you are meant to return to God/Spirit.

You desire to create a relationship with God/Spirit in a more spiritual way that resonates with you on a soul level.

You love God but also love practices such as tarot, crystals, astrology, and the mystic side of spirituality.

You believe in, and are fascinated with, the supernatural side of spirituality.

You identify with being a;  Lightworker, Christian Mystic, Light Witch, Modern Mystic, Christian Witch, Healer, Spiritual or Conscious spirit.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconWhat exactly is Spiritual Mastery?

    Spiritual Mastery is the undoing of ego and all of its symptoms, and the revealing of our truest selves, our soul. In this human world of illusion we see symptoms of ego appear in the form of money issues, abuse, trauma, sickness, suffering, inferiority, lack, fear, pain, struggle, and so on. Spiritual Mastery is the cure to all of these symptoms.

    Treating only one symptom is similar to treating a cold or flu symptom rather than treating the cold itself. With a cold we wouldn’t just treat a cough or fever, we would treat the cold itself, thus, clearing the symptoms simultaneously. When we focus on one symptom, let’s say money problems, we are only treating one facet of the “sickness” that created the symptom to begin with. Spiritual Mastery is the treating of the core issue that manifests into various symptoms. Instead of balancing or aligning one area of your consciousness you can treat the root and let it germinate into your entire being.

  • q-iconWhat will I gain from developing my Spiritual Mastery?

    Everything! This may sound vague but imagine for a moment what this means. You have the opportunity to experience abundance of health, love, time, money, peace, and prosperity. Spiritual Mastery provides a deeper understanding of Spirit and our divine privilege as spiritual beings. Whatever you desire from a heart centered place can be yours. You can have, do, and be anything good in this world, it’s only a matter of asking and accepting that it is done.

  • q-iconWho is Spiritual Mastery Mentoring for?

    Spiritual Mastery Mentoring is for the spiritual and/or conscious individual who is committed to attaining the highest level of themselves and their spirituality. This is perfect if you are a healer, minister, heart centered business owner, or anyone looking to expand into their full soul’s potential.

    Many of my Spiritual Mastery students:

    Have had a religious background that hurt them and are wanting to heal the damage caused by organized religion. 

    At one time or another felt an aversion to God and considered themselves spiritual, not religious.

    Believe in God but enjoy crystals, energy work, and other modalities.

    Want a deeper connection with God/Spirit but are unsure of where to begin or how to have a relationship that feels authentic and enjoyable.

  • q-iconDo I need to be a specific religion or practice a particular belief system?

    Spiritual Mastery is definitely not a religion and can be attained through various belief systems.  For instance, Jesus and Buddha were both Spiritual Masters but were vastly different in their teachings. In my Mentoring I reference many different modalities and belief systems including the Bible and other resources relevant to the sessions.

  • q-iconAren't Spiritual Masters chosen or blessed in some way? Can I really be a spiritual master?

    Yes and no. Spiritual Masters are blessed and chosen but we are all blessed and chosen to be Spiritual Masters! One of the longest standing lies in religion and spirituality is that we have to earn our mastery and that it is only through rigorous study and initiation that we become good enough to be a master. The Truth is that we all, each and everyone of us, has the right and privilege to attain mastery, it is only up to us to accept it. It is our divine inheritance and can be ours as soon as we are ready and willing.

  • q-iconHow quickly will I see results from Spiritual Mastery Mentoring?

    Immediately! As long as you are showing up in each session you will notice immediate shifts in our time together. You also have complete control over how quickly you excel by how much and how often you practice the integration outside of our sessions. The more committed you are the more profound your results will be!

  • q-iconWhat do Spiritual Mastery sessions look like?

    Each session is carefully crafted in one of two categories; Undoing or Unveiling.

    The first half of our time together is spent in the Undoing process, debunking spiritual myths, uncovering deeply ingrained paradigms, and exploring negative limiting spiritual beliefs. We will also work on forgiveness, surrender, and letting go to clear space for a stronger foundation for us to rebuild upon.

    The Unveiling portion is the rebuilding, reconnecting, and reviving of yourself and your connection with God/Spirit. You will be guided into realizing your highest potential, what exactly you are privilege to, how to integrate mastery into every facet of your life, what your divine relationship can be, who God/Spirit really is and why your connection is everything.

  • q-iconWhat will we be working on in the Spiritual Mastery Mentoring program?

    This is one of the most intensive, paradigm shifting, ego shattering, programs you will ever commit to. In this program we will cover many topics including, your connection with God/Spirit, any religious or spiritual trauma, health, wealth, abundance, manifestation, relationships, the collective (un)conscious regarding God/Spirit, your divine rights and privileges, how to live without fear, sickness, poverty, and lack, the Ego, and SO MUCH MORE!

    This is one of the most comprehensive spiritual programs available with information, tools, and exercises you will not find anywhere else!

You hold within you the power and potential of infinite possibilities and omnipotent authority. You are the image and reflection of the holy spirit and are capable of miracles beyond what you have ever imagined. Your soul is aching for it divine unveiling. If you are ready for absolute freedom then I look forward to being a part of your spiritual journey and assisting your soul into mastery.

To Your Spiritual Mastery!


5 monthly payments of $444 or one full payment of $1,997

Have other questions that were not answered? Please reach out to me via email: Contact@ChristianSinclair.com