Spiritual Mastery Group Mentoring is my new program that offers full support, coaching, intuitive guidance, and training, assisting you in accessing and becoming your holiest, divine and authentic self.

Each week we will have a live call that is strategic evidence based work focused on dismantling negative beliefs effecting your life, business, relationships, money, mindset, health and spirituality.

We will work through the undoing of Ego and reignite your relationship with God, so that you can fully own your divine authority and divine inheritance.

The work you do in this course will affect every other area of your life as well because we are working directly with our relationship with God, which will then ripple into your life, finances, relationships, and beyond.


  • 13 live group-mentoring calls.
  • Extensive Spiritual Mastery exercises, tools, resources and assignments to promote your highest spiritual mastery success.
  • Soul Assignments to amplify our weekly lessons delivered weekly.
  • A loving, powerful, and strong community of masters for further connection and support.
  • Lifetime access to the group!
    One of the most difficult parts of a transformation event is feeling the power of the community and work then having to go back to the “real world” With lifetime access to the Spiritual Mastery Group Mentoring community, you will be able to stay surrounded by the friends you have made, have accountability partners, and receive continued support!
  • Lifetime access to the course materials and updated course content!

What is especially unique about Spiritual Mastery Group Mentoring is you receive all of the benefits of an online course, but with the guidance, support, community and one on one interaction of working with a professional mentor. You will be able to stay up to date, enthusiastic, motivated and inspired for the entire thirteen weeks and beyond!

Here's what we're going to cover in this program:

Spiritual Mastery

In our first live session together we will discuss:

  • What Spiritual Mastery is.
  • Some of the most famous Spiritual Masters and the miracles they manifested.
  • The possibilities of spiritual mastery.
  • Overcoming limitations.
  • Your goals for becoming a spiritual master.

Losing Your Religion

Explore your consciousness to discover:

  • What you have been taught about God/Spirit
  • Where disconnect is present
  • Your negative beliefs about God/Spirit.

The Ego


  • Exactly what the ego is
  • Why we don't need it
  • Some of the trickiest ways Ego appears
  • How to retrain your mind to cancel out the Ego voice
  • Why you cannot give ego any foothold in your consciousness
  • Take the Ego Evaluation

God, Spirit and the Fractured Unconscious

Through history we have passed down unconscious collective beliefs about God/Spirit as well as genetic beliefs that may not even be at the forefront of our consciousness. In this session we will discuss some of collective beliefs along with personal beliefs, and do some healing and release around these buried paradigms. This week we will cover:

  • God through time
  • History of the church
  • Witch trials
  • Different types of consciousness. How the past affects our collective unconscious.
  • Healing the genetics of persecution
  • The Holocaust study

How We Make Others Our God, Spirit, and Source

In this session we discuss how we make others our God, Spirit, Source, as well as identify where you are, or have, practiced this in your life, why this has a negative impact, and how to turn to God, Spirit, Source instead.


God, Spirit, Source

We have discussed what God, Spirit, Source is not, today we delve into the Truth about who/what it is, how to trust, and how the rebuilding of your relationship will forever change your life.

Divine Promises

This session is like the reading of a will where you learn that you inheriting divine miracles, blessings, and dominion over your consciousness. When you understand what you are capable of inheriting you can finally claim it and manifest your inheritance into your life.

Surrender, Knowing, and Faith

Now that you have began rebuilding your relationship with God/Spirit, you can finally understand and apply the full effect of faith and surrender, which all stem from knowing.

Asking, Commanding, and Expecting

Did you know there is a specific way to manifest as stated in The Bible and ancient scriptures?

This week you will learn

  • How to ask and command so that you can expect what you want to manifest.
  • Your authority for asking, commanding, and receiving
  • Why we do not see what we ask for
  • The power of your words

Mastering Health

Sickness and disease are man made problems with spiritual solutions. It is also one area that we have let ego run rapid and must regain our authority and dominion. We have the power to manifest complete health, not only for us, but for friends, family, clients, and beyond. Discover your Divine health and how to manifest health for others.

(Great information for healers!)

Mastering Wealth

Wealth, prosperity, and abundance, are areas with a lot of misperceptions and misunderstandings that many spiritual and religious people struggle with. This session is all about claiming your riches and understanding why God/Spirit wants you to be rich!

Integration Session

Our final week is all about the integration of everything you have learned and how it can be magnified and more easily applied in your life. It always seems easier to do the work when we are in the midst of a course of event but with this integration session you will learn was to use all of the information and resources for the best, most harmonious, and divine results.

Only one who devotes himself to a cause with his whole strength and soul can be a true master. For this reason mastery demands all of a person.

- Albert Einstein

Get instant access now!

During the 5 Myths to Conquer for Spiritual Mastery webinar, this program is available at introductory pricing of one payment of $1,555 or 5 x monthly payments of $355!
(Regular price is $2,222)

What will you learn in Spiritual Mastery Group Mentoring?

  • The Illusion of Separation: The Birth of Inferiority and Female Shame
  • What the Ego really is, the sneaky ways it occupies our consciousness, and how to slay it
  • What authority you have as a spiritual being
  • Your Divine Promises
  • Healing from spiritual hurt, guilt and shame
  • Asking, Commanding, and Receiving
  • Mastering Health
  • Mastering Wealth
  • How to monitor, conquer, and eliminate fear
  • The practice of surrender, forgiveness, and letting go
  • How to differentiate between the voices of God and Ego
  • Integrating Spiritual Mastery into your everyday life
  • Standing in faith and knowing regardless of circumstances
  • and SO MUCH MORE!

Hello, I'm Christian.

I teach people to slay their ego and reveal their most authentic and holiest selves. 

I grew up in the spiritual field around some incredible spiritual teachers and thought leaders such as Dan Millman, Doreen Virtue, Jimmy Twyman, Gregg Braden, Don Miguel Ruiz, Donna Eden, and Mary Morrissey.

I was also exposed to a lot of modalities and belief systems, a lot of which I studied, trained and became certified in including:

Christ Consciousness, Mindset, Manifestation, Prosperity, Occult studies, The Bible, Christian Science, Religions of the Far East, Astrology, Numerology, Psychology, Mythology, Pagan studies, Native American practices including animal magic, as well as many other subjects.

But it seemed as though not matter what I did or practiced my life never really got any better.

I struggled with the self destructive patterns, attracted the unhealthy people, had fear based mindset, and experienced continual trauma. It appeared that regardless of how hard I tried to better myself and my life,  the more upheaval came and the worse off I was. After years of trying to uplevel and seeing no profound changes, I began to believe that maybe I was cursed, that I was too terrible to "save" or that maybe God just hated me.

Today I am a mom to three wonderful babies, a wife to the most perfectly divine husband, and a minster who loves her life, lives in her dream home, and most importantly, has the spiritual connection I always dreamed of.

I work with driven, bold, and daring spiritual people who are committed to reaching their highest level of spirituality. Spiritual Mastery has been the key to unlocking my most authentic self and I use these tools to assist others in accessing this for themselves when they are ready.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconI have taken so many spiritual trainings and courses over the years and have tried everything, but I feel like I never really anything massively shifts, how is this program different than anything else I have practiced?

    Most courses work with symptoms to a problem, for instance, money mindset, relationships, owning divine feminine, manifestation, healing, etc. and while these are all wonderful and can be incredibly effective, spiritual mastery is about getting to the root of the problem and curing it at the core which then simultaneously clears up the symptoms as well.


  • q-iconWhen will I get access to the program?

    Upon purchasing the Spiritual Mastery Group Mentoring program, you will be emailed your first module, details about the program, course information, and everything you will need to know. You will also receive access to the private community where you can start connecting with like minded masters. All of this will be available on September 11th 2017.

    The live course starts on Wednesday, October 18 at 11:00 am EST.

  • q-iconWhat if I can't make the live calls?

    All live calls will be recorded and available to watch, or re-watch, when it is most convenient for you.

  • q-iconDo you offer a money back guarantee?

    The information in this program is unlike any other course on the market. I can honestly say the value of this content will be life changing if applied. That being said, if you work through the first portion of the course and the assignments given but are unhappy with your purchase, I offer a 14 day back money guarantee.

  • q-iconWhat types of people is Spiritual Mastery Group Mentoring for?

    I have worked with thousands of people who have had many different types of experiences and walks of life. I have worked with people who are looking for a more in-depth spiritual experience, people who have “tried everything else” and want more profound results, and those wanting to expand their consciousness. I have also worked with  many clients who grew up with a religious background which they were hurt by or rebelled from and are looking to heal their relationship with God and redefine that relationship in a more loving, spiritual, and healthy way.

  • q-iconHow long will I have access to the Spiritual Mastery Group Mentoring content?

    You will have access to all of the content and the group for the life of the program.

  • q-iconThis is a big investment for me, what kind of results can I expect to see?

    If the work is applied you will begin seeing results immediately. Since we are working directly with the core of the issue, you may see expansion and progress in your life, relationships, finances, business, health, and spirituality as soon as you start.

  • q-iconWhat kind of support is offered with this program?

    With access to a private Facebook community you have the ability to ask questions from other masters and be supported by others experiencing similar shifts in consciousness. You also have the benefit of live videos where I can answer questions and give you individualized feedback.

For a limited time during the 5 Beliefs to Conquer for Spiritual Mastery webinar, this program is available at special pricing of one payment $1,555 or 5 x monthly payments of $355! (Ends Wednesday September 6th at 11:59 pm EST)

Read full Terms of Agreement for Spiritual Mastery Group Mentoring here