The Spiritual Archetypes with Christian Sinclair is a full bodied live course which is based off the the life changing “What is Your Spiritual Archetype?” quiz. Utilizing the information provided in the Spiritual Archetype guidebooks, we will work through, heal, and conquer, the biggest blocks and common struggles of each and every archetype, while drawing power from each of the archetypes greatest attributes.

Receive the premier unveiling of the ninth archetype,
The Christian Mystic!


  • 1o live group-mentoring calls which include Q & A portion, as well as possibilities for readings and intuitive guidance, mediations and visualizations.
  • Weekly exercises, tools, resources and assignments to promote your highest success.
  • Lifetime access to the group!
    One of the most difficult parts of a transformation event is feeling the power of the community and work then having to go back to the “real world” With lifetime access to the Spiritual Archetype community, you will be able to stay surrounded by the friends you have made, have accountability partners, and receive continued support!
  • Lifetime access to the course materials and updated course content!

What is especially unique about the Spiritual Archetypes course is you receive all of the benefits of an online course, but with the guidance, support, community and one-on-one interaction of working with a professional mentor. You will be able to stay up to date, enthusiastic, motivated and inspired for the entire ten weeks and beyond!

Here is some of what we will cover in this program:


Our first live call will discuss all of the Spiritual Archetypes, including the ninth archetype, The Christian Mystic!

There will be a Q&A, and we will go over the foundational work that is provided prior.


  • Codependency
  • Lack of self-worth
  • Inferiority
  • Surrender
  • Being “good enough”
  • Prosperity Codependency


  • Adam and Eve and the birth of female shame
  • History of the church
  • The Witch trials and how they fractured the collective unconscious
  • Victimization


  • Present over perfect
  • Letting Go
  • Creating magic and miracles in everything
  • Balancing the masculine and feminine warriors within.
  • Divine royalty


  • Healing genetic belief systems
  • Releasing fear and anger
  • Mastering wealth and material possessions 


  • Forgiveness
  • Healing trauma
  • Healing triggers
  • Understanding and claiming dominion the power of words


  • What the ego is
  • Some of the trickiest ways Ego appears
  • How to retrain your mind to cancel out the Ego voice
  • How Ego appears as depression, mental illness, and addiction
  • Slaying the Ego


  • Diving deeper into spirituality
  • Learning the truth to implement boundaries
  • Using modalities to go deeper
  • Differentiating between the voice of Spirit and Ego  
  • Releasing limitations


  • Healing what we have been told about God, Spirit, Source.
  • What is God, Spirit, source?
  • Owning our Divine gifts
  • Rebuilding our relationship with God/Spirit/Source


  • Dominion over body, mind, and soul
  • Different types of consciousness
  • Faith and knowing
  • Bringing the heart into the soul


As an intuitive teacher and healer, you will also receive any information relevant to our particular cycle and be given additional lessons based on the collective of the group. Our time together is open to infinite possibilities! 



All of your foundational work and access to the private members-only group will be available prior to the release of the course. You will be able to begin and connect with others in your community immediately!

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See What People Are Saying...

“It was incredibly emotional to read something that was so accurate about myself and what I have been through.”


“I healed a relationship with my parents that has been strained for forty years because of this guidebook.”


“I feel like someone finally sees me.”


“I can’t believe one person wrote every single one of these! I would have thought a different person would have had to write each one because of how specific and on point they all are!”


Get access to the foundation module and Spiritual Archetype community now!

For a limited time, this program is available at introductory pricing of $333 or 3 x monthly payments of $133! 

(Regular price $555 or 3 x monthly payments of $199)

What will you learn how to do?

  • The Illusion of Separation: The Birth of Inferiority and Female Shame
  • How we make others our God/Spirit/Source
  • What the Ego really is, the sneaky ways it occupies our consciousness, and how to slay it
  • Healing Victimization
  • Mastering Health
  • Being present over perfect
  • The practices of surrender, forgiveness, and letting go
  • Integrating spirituality into your everyday life
  • Healing family trauma, genetics, and beliefs
  • Balancing knowledge with heart
  • Understanding and claiming dominion the power of words
  • Healing triggers
  • How to release fear
  • Becoming limitless

Hi, I'm Christian Sinclair.

I am a spiritual teacher and author who created the "What is Your Spiritual Archetype?" quiz and accompanying guidebooks.

I grew up in the spiritual field around some incredible spiritual teachers and thought leaders such as Dan Millman, Doreen Virtue, Jimmy Twyman, Gregg Braden, Don Miguel Ruiz, Donna Eden, Dee Wallace, and Mary Morrissey.

I was also exposed to a lot of modalities and belief systems, a lot of which I studied, trained and became certified in including:

Christ Consciousness, Mindset, Manifestation, Prosperity, Occult studies, The Bible, Christian Science, Religions of the Far East, Aromatherapy, Food As Medicine, Astrology, Numerology, Mind over medicine, Past lives, Tarot, Oneness Blessing, Akashic Records, Psychology, Dream interpretation, Art Therapy, Lunar Phases, Mythology, Pagan studies, Native American practices including animal magic, As well as many other subjects.

The "What is Your Spiritual Archetype?" quiz and guidebooks were created from my thirty years of personal experience in the spiritual field, over twenty years of spiritual and metaphysical study and training, and ten years of professional work as a spiritual teacher, healer and counselor.

I am so thrilled to finally offer the course, Spiritual Archetypes with Christian Sinclair, and to assist you in deepening your connection with your archetypes!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconI relate strongest to one Archetype, will I still benefit from this course?

    Most people relate strongest to one archetype and relate to the other archetypes on varying level. You may relate to one the strongest, but the common struggles that appear for the archetypes may be something you experience at another level of your spiritual path. Therefore, each and every archetype will provide you information to deepen, strengthen, heal, and expand your consciousness.

  • q-icon Will there be Q and A during the live calls?

    Yes! Each live call is open to Q&A so you have the opportunity to ask questions about the work, the weekly lesson, or anything coming up for yo during the program.

  • q-iconWhat is the format of the live calls?

    All calls are conducted via Facebook live so you will be able to access in the Spiritual Archetype community.

  • q-iconI cannot make the scheduled time for live calls, will there be replays available?

    All live calls are recorded and kept in the Spiritual Archetype community so you will be able to access them at a time that is for you.

  • q-iconWill there be homework?

    Yes! Each week you will be directly emailed your corresponding assignments to amplify our theme and lesson.

  • q-iconDo I have to be a certain spiritual level or have a certain amount of spiritual experience to take this course?

    No! Whether you have just had your first awakening or have been practicing spirituality for many years, this course is designed to assist you in enhancing your spirituality and honoring where you are now.

  • q-iconWhen does the course begin?

    Prior to our first call you will begin your foundation work, get connected with the Spiritual Archetype community, and familiarize yourself with the course.

    On October 19th we will have our first live call and will proceed weekly on Thursdays expect one Wednesday the week of Thanksgiving in the US.

  • q-iconWhen will our Archetype Assignments be emailed to us?

    Archetype Assignments are emailed every Monday so that you have ample time to begin the work prior to our Thursday call.

For a limited time, this program is available at introductory pricing of $333 or 3 x monthly payments of $133! 


(Regular price $555 or 3 x monthly payments of $199)

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