The Sacred Laws of Prosperity and Providence


Prosperity is not a mindset you must learn or energy for you to a raise your vibration to. You do not have to earn it, beg, plead, sacrifice or struggle for it. Prosperity is a knowing etched in your soul which begins to awaken as the Truth is whispered to it.

May I introduce your whisper...

The Sacred Laws of Prosperity and Providence is a rare treasure in a bulk of manifestation and money books and courses. With the information provided, you will be able to change your prosperity consciousness to create more abundance and prosperity while connecting with Spirit and living a more mindful life. This is not a get rich quick manual. The instruction, knowledge and intuitive insight in this material are scribed to assist you in creating more dynamic, authentic and hallowed results. The information, actionable plans, and suggestions in this book will alter your perception of prosperity as well as who you are as a soul and the Divine birthright you carry to be prosperous and successful.

The Sacred Laws of Prosperity and Providence includes over five accompanying workbooks and actionable steps to creating more prosperity through conscious living. You will be able to read the material and immediately be able to delve into the correlating workbook for each section.

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