Christian Sinclair is a spiritual teacher, and intuitive writer who has worked with hundreds of clients, helping them to dynamize their lives, health, relationships, and careers by integrating spirituality. Having two parents who were predominate figures in spirituality and metaphysics, Christian has spent her life in the spiritual field surrounded by the biggest New Thought and Spiritual Teachers of our time.

Christian is an expert, certified or trained in: Christ Consciousness, Mindset, Manifestation, Prosperity, Occult studies, The Bible, Christian Science, Religions of the Far East, Aromatherapy, Food As Medicine, Astrology, Numerology, Mind over medicine, Past lives, Tarot, Oneness Blessing, Akashic Records, Psychology, Dream interpretation, Art Therapy, Lunar Phases, Mythology, Pagan studies, Native American practices including animal magic, As well as many other subjects. Christian is a contributor for The Huffington Post, YFS, and Revamped Magazine.

I work with people who have tried everything else and are still not seeing the results they desire and feel in their heart are possible. On the spiritual path, there are hundreds of modalities, styles of teachings, and belief systems which are catalysts for our spiritual growth. Unfortunately, they can also create a lot of confusion, misleading information, or simply not produce the results we want.

In spirituality, people have a tendency to only look at the surface or superficial levels.

There is a deeper level waiting for you.

It’s common in spirituality to feed into the ideas of karma, why we deserve to suffer, how we created our circumstances and the penance we must pay to relieve ourselves of our “sins.”

You are already absolved of everything. You need only accept it.

It is normal to be told we must “do” more and that when we have done enough we will finally have the life, business, or relationships we want.

All you must “do” is accept the abundance of love, health, wealth, peace, happiness, and success available to you.

I refer to many modalities, belief systems, and teachings, but what I teach is reminiscent of teachings such as; Christian Science, New Thought, A Course in Miracles, Unity, The Bible and many others.

I work with the Truth of God (Spirit if you prefer) and teach people how we can achieve the life, love, relationships, prosperity, spiritual connection, love, peace, joy, abundance, health, and wealth they are privilege to as Divine beings.

I write intuitively and share my channeled information in my Truth Testimony Blog and my book, The Sacred Laws of Prosperity and Providence.

I believe in walking the talk and that a spiritual teacher should lead by example. Therefore, I continuously work to achieve my own Christ Consciousness. I have two amazing children I practice conscious parenting with and am in a beautiful, loving conscious marriage with my phenomenal husband. We live in Michigan.


It is wonderful to meet you and I look forward to connecting with you further!