You Do Not Invite The Devil To Dinner

A couple of years ago I was reading a book by one of my favorite authors in which she spoke about fear. Having grown up an anxious child she had concluded that fear would always be a part of her life and be something she would have to live with. She made a statement along the lines of “I will let fear take the passenger seat, but I refuse to let it drive.”

This type of thinking has become increasingly popular over the last few years. Having grown tired of their fears, addictions, depression, and victimizations people began using their adversity as a springboard for strength. They began shifting their weaknesses into their biggest strengths and inspiring others to do the same. Instead of letting fear take the wheel they attempt to shift the power into their own hands in hopes that fear will abide by the new rules. While many believe in this concept, it is one that actually does more harm than good and strips the power so many are seeking.

What is Fear?

Fear is a lack of faith. It is a lack of knowing or believing that a person is loved, supported, or cared for by God. Therefore, letting fear have a seat in our vehicle (consciousness) is the permission one gives themselves to feel separate. If we look at this concept as black and white, fear being the devil, and faith being God, why would we allow the Devil into our consciousness? Why would be let it sit in our vehicle even as a passenger? You don’t invite the Devil to dinner, let alone give him a designated seat.

You cannot invite fear (The Devil) into your consciousness and expect that it will follow your rules. Fear does not respect boundaries or parameters. Fear is like cancer, it spreads and will attack where it pleases. The ONLY way to rid yourself completely is by not allowing it to build its house in you.

The problem is that people do not understand that they have the authority to dominate and cast it out. They think that by giving it parameters that they are taking the reigns but by allowing fear and evil any foothold they are still a victim to it. This is no more admirable than succumbing to fear completely. We must stop idolizing the idea that it is admirable to let the devil rule us or that people try to befriend it. If fear, evil, sickness, disease, and poverty took the physical form of The Devil, would you allow Him into your marriage? Would you invite Him into your workplace? Would you expect him to play nicely and respect your children? Surely not. Then how can anyone justify allowing the symptoms of evil into their own consciousness?

You Have Authority

If people understood the authority they have they would never allow such evil as disease, fear, and suffering into their lives. But we DO have the authority. Allowing these symptoms of evil is absolute insanity. People have become mystified into believing that playing nice with fear is the only way to live but I assure you, living a fearless life is much more enjoyable and spiritual than befriending The Devil.

“For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:7

The spirit of fear is ego, it is not God. Therefore, allowing it to live in you is to allow evil to reign your consciousness. It is not divine or spiritual to be in fear. It is the root of the illusion of separation and should never be given an inch of leniency.

To Be Fearless…

Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free.

True freedom does not happen from allowing ourselves to have a partnership with evil. Freedom happens when we know God. When we authentically know God we can face evil, speak the Truth to it, and hold that Truth regardless of all seeming appearances. When we know and understand the Truth of God, we are absolutely free of every chain we have let ego bind us with. Trusting God provides a fearless existence, not one where we have to set stipulations or guidelines for The Devil. Fear strips us of our authority and power and makes us a slave to it. God gives us the armor to slay the Devil, not give it a seat or a place at the table.


To Your Authority,


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