God and the Mercury Retrograde

As we enter into the new Mercury Retrograde people everywhere are becoming panic stricken as to how it will negatively affect their lives, relationships, or businesses. Four times a year the planet Mercury goes into a retrograde, causing alarm and fear in the minds of many. It has become a widely-believed concept that this retrograde causes a lack of communication or that we must reflect, repent, or let go, and that this phase creates undesirable circumstances out of our control. In astrology, each planet has a theme and meaning therefore when in certain positions that theme is more or less prevalent in our lives. While I am fascinated by astrology and have studied it extensively, I cannot help wondering as I see the chaos ensue each Mercury retrograde, “Where is God in all this?”

We have come to a place in our culture where we look outside of ourselves for answers, manifestation, and personal wishes. The history of man holds many ancient traditions that place power on outside sources that were once revered but are now considered archaic. Many ancient cultures including the Egyptians, Aztec, and Celts believed in human and animal sacrifice for religious beliefs. They believed these sacrifices would please the Gods and produce crops, weather, health, fertility, longer life, and better fortune. We began transcending beliefs such as these as a civilization, but are seemingly regressing back to the mindset of our ancestors. These beliefs, rituals, and sacrifices are no longer prevalent today because of our growth in consciousness and advancement in our perception. As we developed our understanding of God, we collectively began shedding our ancient rituals and worshipping stars and moons as our God.

Superstitions are a part of our collective consciousness and have been from the beginning of time. Every culture has superstitions they believed to be omens, predicting fortune or evil. From black cats to broken mirrors, supposedly even negative looks can be damning! There is no validity to superstitions, but our strong belief in them may influence what we manifest into our lives. Similarity, many people, report feeling no influence over their lives from the Mercury retrograde until they were made aware of it. There is no scientific evidence to back the claims of the effects of the Mercury Retrograde, and the only people who seem to be affected are the ones who invest in the superstition of it.

While it may appear that these old world beliefs were rudimentary or ignorant, on the contrary. What this means is that from the beginning of time, even before the spoken word, Man had an inner knowing, that God was present, and had the desire to connect with Him. While at times that devotion may appear misguided, (like sacrificing lives in hopes corn would grow,) the awareness was buried in our souls, and Man was seeking every source to nurture that connection. Lately, it seems as though once again more people have the inner desire to connect with God, but without a full understanding of how to harness that connection, are ignorantly investing in old superstitions and belief systems. Instead of turning to God as The Source many are looking to outside sources for answers and are entrusting their fate to the mercy of the stars.

Years ago a client came to me and said “I am pursuing a business deal that I feel is a fantastic opportunity but my psychic tells me I should wait until the Mercury Retrograde has passed. What do you think?”

I asked, “In the story of Lazarus, did Jesus say, ‘I’m going to raise Lazarus from the dead…just as soon as this Mercury retrograde is over?”

She laughed, “No of course not!”

Laughing as well, I replied, “So now we see how ridiculous that is.”

Jesus raised Lazarus despite all seemingly impossible circumstances. Throughout the Bible, there are various times where Jesus, as well as many others, exercise the Truth of God despite adversity. The stars, moons, and planets have no authority over God’s power and what God is capable of. God’s power is available in any situation for those who seek it, but more and more we are seeking from other sources. What happens when we base our lives and decisions on external circumstances is we give more validity to those rather than to God Himself. We cast limitations on an unlimited omnipotent power and believe He has restrictions, but the power of God is infinite and can supersede all man-made belief systems.

Knowing God and His power is entirely all we need to create a happy, healthy, loving and prosperous life. God has the magic we seek, and we do not need to turn elsewhere to experience it. Basing our lives on superstitions and old belief systems is like entering a hallucination with someone who is ill. Instead of affirming the hallucination and deeming it as reality, we must acknowledge that they are in an illusion and speak the Truth to dispel it. If we accompany them into the hallucination, we can become mystified ourselves.

While we may enjoy studying or playing with belief systems such as astrology, the key is, even when we do reach for outer solutions, to know that God is the facilitator behind everything. Whether we reach for a crystal or aspirin, we must realize that they are not the healer, it is our acceptance of God’s healing that produces results. Holy water itself is simply water, it is not what heals or blesses, but water infused with the power of God makes it Holy, thus creating miracles and initiating profound effects. We cannot believe in the water itself, but rather that God’s power manifests through it. There is nothing outside ourselves that has greater dominion than God Himself and resting our faith and trust in His power will produce astronomical results. When we strengthen our faith, we affirm His power which simultaneously quashes our beliefs in rituals, modalities, or retrogrades.


To Your Limitless Power,



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