God and Medicine: The Partnership of Spirituality and Medicine

The belief that faith and medicine can have a harmonious partnership has been long disputed in both religion and spirituality. The history of religious and spiritual organizations are littered with stories of people who refused medical assistance for the sake of their faith, many who have met unfortunate outcomes in doing so. But in practicing spirituality where does the line of faith end and the line of negligence begin? How can we practice our faith and follow our intuition while still respecting the illusion?

All human problems have a spiritual solution. However, if we are deeply invested in our human problems or have a lack of faith in a spiritual solution, we may find it harder to see healing occur. By understanding what faith is and what it confirmedly requires we can refine our knowing of God and health and our perception of sickness altogether.


What is Faith?

Most often in spirituality and religion, we have faith that there is a higher power. To some that may mean God, the universe, or our higher consciousness. In most cases, people believe that this higher power loves, protects, or serves our highest selves. While this is true, this is only the beginning of what faith truly is, and a large reason why we get into so much trouble regardless of having faith.

Faith is not merely believing in something. Faith is the knowing and unwavering commitment to the Truth of God. Faith is experiencing financial loss and remaining fearless because God will triumph over the appearance of lack. Faith is undoubtedly standing in the knowing that despite all seeming appearances, there is nothing to fear, nothing to judge, and nothing to defend ourselves against because God will vindicate, validate, and champion us. Faith is the knowing that there is no sickness and that the mere appearance of sickness in our lives is a lie. God is health, and when we know God, we know His health. We cannot truly know and have faith in God while simultaneously exhibiting symptoms which reproach Him.


Why Does Faith Seemingly Fail?

There are many cases where spiritual and religious folk remained committed to their beliefs so steadfastly that it resulted in death or intensified illness. While they may have had faith to some extent, they may not have understood the true healing power of God or their rights to His healing power.

In some cases, people believe it is simply mind over matter and that one must shake the disease using the power of thought. Many years ago I watched a program on Scientology and some of the cases which were investigated due to negligent behavior. One story was of a young boy who was diagnosed as schizophrenic but whose parents refused care. Unfortunately, after struggling for many years, the young man committed suicide, but his parents stood their ground that medicine was against their religion and that they had no regrets about their decision to refuse medical care.

If you are experiencing a human affliction or lying symptoms of sickness, then there is a chasm somewhere in your discernment that may not allow for the spiritual healing to take place by standards means. The ego is committed to the idea of being separate from God, and what is more convincing than symptoms that scream for validation? God can heal all human afflictions, however, sometimes it is a matter of receiving assistance while strengthening our faith, or mending the chasm which allowed for sickness to appear originally. The boy experiencing schizophrenia was so mystified by his illusion that he surrendered to it. With some medication, he may have been able to gain the clarity to strengthen his faith and ultimately find a spiritual solution to cure himself of his affliction permanently.


It’s Not Always About Us

When I was in my early twenties, I watched a documentary on spiritual and holistic healing. One of the women in the documentary was afflicted with cancer and had seen many doctors and healers who all suggested she follow-up with immediate medical attention. Determined to heal naturally, she sought healers throughout the world and placed her trust in the hands of a world renowned Healer. Her condition worsened over time, and eventually, she passed away. The healer was then blamed for not healing her.

We do not realize that while we do have control over our universe there are sometimes reasons why we are guided to take a certain path that we may be unaware of. Perhaps a sickness we are experiencing is the key to changing a doctor’s life or the life of thousands of their patients. The key to our healing may lay in our surrender or letting go. We may gain new perspective through new channels. By refusing medical care despite the signs that are guiding us to take that route, we may be robbing ourselves of a profound insight which could only be gained from a foreign experience. We may also be withholding a lesson from someone God means for us to be in contact with or have a lasting effect on. In our stubbornness and desire for control, we may demand that healing appear more spiritual, but close ourselves off to other facets of God’s healing abilities. We cannot and should not attempt to control everything. All we can control is how much we surrender to let God be our shepherd.


Medical Issues Are Spiritual Check-ins

Many spiritual people believe that turning to medicine is a spiritual failure, but it is simply a check point as to where we are with our faith and how much dominion we truly believe we have over our body. Medicine is a modality, similar to Reiki or other forms of energy work. It is no less spiritual; it is only created from a different part of our collective (un)conscious. All things have a purpose and hold worth. Whether we are receiving EFT or antipsychotics, all healing comes from our allowance to let God heal us and our belief in the healing. We must remember that God is providing the healing regardless of the form He appears. When we experience medical miracles, we are witnessing our knowing and faith of the presence of God, and while we may be partial to it, that may manifest due to spiritual practices as well as medical ones.

If you experience sickness in any form, there is a part of you that does not believe that you are one with God and God’s health. You have the power to eliminate sickness and the lie of illness from your consciousness upon your choosing and devoting to faith.

Mary Baker Eddy, Founder of Christian Science, was on her deathbed, condemned to death by her doctors. When she realized the healing power of God, the Truth of God, and our dominion over our health, her life and health forever changed. Upon her full recovery, she did not only have a new understanding of God but was also able to share her newfound knowledge by healing many others and started a movement to share and teach how others could do so as well.

Instead of looking at sickness as karma, toxins in our bodies, or penance, we must instead view it for what it is: a reminder that we feel inferior to God and inferior to manifest health or have dominion over our illusion. When we see this lie for the deception that it is, we too can raise from our bed of condemnation and sickness and alter our perception to the Truth.

Practice Your Faith

Faith undoubtedly takes practice. You can practice your faith in all situations even with smaller seeming ailments such as headaches or allergies. When you speak the Truth, it will begin to take precedence over your consciousness. Practice it despite all seeming appearances, and eventually, you will notice less sickness and length of symptoms, more power in your thought and recoveries that appear to include Divine miracles.


When Should You Turn to Medical Assistance?

Having faith is crucial and knowing God’s power can provide healing to any human circumstance. However, putting oneself or a loved one in harm’s way while hoping for the best is not utilizing all of God’s outlets. If you or someone you love is in an emergency, you should seek all healing sources while still keeping your faith. Seeking medical care is not abandoning hope, it is merely a different source for God to provide healing and at the very least is a crutch to assist your faith as you strengthen it. All you experience is in direct correlation to past thinking. In a moment of despair, you may not feel ready, willing, or able, to shift your consciousness to allow healing to occur. Having medical assistance can make it more bearable, tolerable, and even doable, acting as a catalyst for your miracle God would never give you sickness or put you in harm’s way. Therefore, ignoring symptoms, allowing sickness to procure, and denying yourself medical attention, is ego. Surrendering our will and how we believe our healing should occur is part of the miracle. We should always be open and receptive to how God wants to show His grace. The more we allow God to prevail, the faster, infinite, and mighty the results will be.


To Your Divine Health!


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