Why Spiritual Entrepreneurs Struggle with Depression, Burnout and Nonalignment, and the Divine Truths to End the Cycle

A spiritual entrepreneur is any professional who works for themselves in a soul-based business. This may be a healer, coach, spiritual writer, heart-centered branding specialist, psychic or anything in between. This type of professional is the fastest growing type of leader and is considered to be the wave of the business future. We have some incredible advantages as spiritual entrepreneurs. We connect more with our audience, our material resonates on a deeper level, and the type of work we do can, and is, literally changing the world. There can also be some pitfalls to being heart centered in a logical business world. Some of them by our own doing.

Being a spiritual entrepreneur myself I see, connect, and work with, other business owners who are attempting to find the balance between business and spirituality. Unfortunately, business tends to take precedence over their spirituality and spiritual entrepreneurs find themselves feeling deflated, producing work they do not enjoy or resonate with, or cannot keep a harmonious work rhythm. By understanding what causes an unalignment, we can ensure that we stay in our zone of genuis, and are fully connected with Spirit, while producing product or content.

The Battle of Money Being Good Or Evil

Money and the thought of charging for spiritual work is one of the biggest blocks Spiritual Entrepreneurs struggle with. From offering services for free, to charging top dollar for packages and courses, most spiritual entrepreneurs have difficulty finding the money balance. There is also a stigma associated with spiritual entrepreneurs who charge for their services. Many people see it as less spiritual to accept a fee for a spiritually related service, while others deem the size of a bank account as a true sign of spirituality.

God/Spirit is abundance, therefore if you are lacking in any area, including financially, then your discernment is skewed. The issue with money lies in the ego. If you are being driven by money then you are being driven by ego. However, there are many areas ego can appear. Doing spiritual work for praise, followers, or fame, are just as ego based as working to make money. It is also our attachment to money that is ego. Entrepreneurs struggle with depression, pleasing their audience, producing work they do not enjoy and putting family and friends as a secondary measure, for the sake of business. Whether successful or unsuccessful financially, these actions feed ego.

Struggling financially is just as ego based as having money that is not made with Spirit.

If everything we do is done with Spirit it cannot also be ego based. Sometimes this requires a check in to identify the motivator, but if we are doing God’s work and accepting God’s abundance while listening and letting ourselves be guided by God’s direction, then there is nothing evil about that.


Working “Authentically” in Ego

One of the biggest words that comes up in the business world itself is “authentic.” People want to feel the authenticity of the person or brand they are buying from. Gone are the days where we hand money to faceless companies without purpose. The world has shifted along with our consciousness and the new demand is for the authentic leader with a purpose. As leaders in a saturated field we may wonder, “How can I stand out?” Or “How can I show my authenticity?”

The authentic part of ourselves is our soul. That is the only authenticity. Therefore, all that we do and share that brings us, or others, closer to God, is what is authentic.

Language, profanity, shock value, and rudeness, are ego based and immediately create a chasm in the spirit and ego consciousness. When we share spiritual information our higher consciousness awakens. When a spiritual entrepreneur steps into an ego based consciousness, it awakens the ego in others.

By honoring our true authentic self, our Christ self, the Christ in others awakens as well.

When we operate in our higher self and bring others to their higher selves, we will see more miraculous results in our healing, more abundance in our finances, and more connection with Spirit in and out of our work.


Creating for an Audience

This may seem strange to a business owner with an audience but you are not just a business owner. As a spiritual entrepreneur, your work should always be founded in Spirit, which means you should be creating for an audience of one. Making Spirit your audience is more fulfilling personally, spiritually, and professionally because the work you create is not about the amount of “likes” you receive, but rather is produced based on what you are being spiritually guided to do.

Many spiritual entrepreneurs look at the market as a guide to what people may want and produce based on what is a good business decision. But even our business decisions should be divinely guided.

When we create work with the mindset of hoping, or thinking we know, our audience will enjoy it, that it will be profitable, make us famous, and so on, we have shifted our priority to pleasing others rather than doing God’s work.

We should surrender our business completely to God/Spirit and then them create the work and bring anyone who is meant to see it.

Here is a prayer I pray before creating my content:

“God, please move through me and give me the best words to deliver your message. Bring anyone who is meant to see, read, or learn this information. If no one reads it or sees it I will still be happy because I did your work and brought your word into the world.”

This may seem passive, but it is an absolute surrender of will and letting Spirit move through completely. The moment I project my will it becomes about me and what I want, and having committed to doing God’s work, there’s really no place for that.


Asking Questions Such As “How Can I Serve You?”

Every time I hear or see spiritual entrepreneur ask this type of question, I cringe. Our jobs as spiritual entrepreneurs is not to serve our audience, it’s to serve God/Spirit. If your audience knew what they needed, they would probably already be doing it. If you ask your audience what they are struggling with they may say “Money.” This may inspire you to work on a spiritual money program you’re sure is going to fix their financial woes. The only thing is, money isn’t a problem, it’s a symptom. By asking your audience what they struggle with you’re asking about the human symptoms they are experiencing, but the spiritual solution may have nothing to do with what they think it does! When you ask God/Spirit directly, “How can I best serve you? How do you want me to share your message with my audience?” It removes the human filter your clients have and allows God/Spirit to offer the most beneficial spiritual solutions.


Letting Ego Reign 

Have you ever done a healing session or emotionally charged session that left you feeling burnt out, tired, overwhelmed, or even wanting to quit?

As spiritual entrepreneurs, we may face a lot of intense situations but our job is to hold the Truth, not step into the illusion with our clients. God/Spirit is revitalizing, empowering, and healing. The negative feelings that arise from spiritual work is the ego who relates to the victimization or pain of the client or feels inferior to let God/Spirit move through you so freely. God/Spirit is the miracle worker in your healing or business, everything else is ego. The more we work on eliminating our own ego the less we experience this with clients. You cannot allow yourself to attach to their suffering. This leads to depression, anxiety, overwhelm and exhaustion, none of which are Spirit.

We are taught that Healers must cleanse after sessions, that we must surround ourselves with auric fields or energy to keep from taking on others “stuff.” But this is a human concept of protection against human problems that have no power over you. When you know the Truth of God, and that everything you work with in this world is only an illusion, it cannot negatively affect you.


Staying Spiritually Aligned 

Spiritual Entrepreneurs have a powerfully purpose driven mindset that, with the proper discernment, can serve the world vicariously through serving God/Spirit. The trouble can be remembering to serve God/Spirit and making it our co-creator, audience of one, and publicist. In a business setting it can be difficult surrendering so much and having such deep faith in something outside of ourselves, but this is the power of fusing our spirituality with our work. The more we act in this manner and see the results the stronger our faith becomes and ultimately, the more powerful our content. We can only offer so much to our audience, but God/Spirit can, and will, always provide accurate, healing, and deeply impacting information and will bring to us those who are meant to have it.


To Your Spiritual and Professional Success!

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  • Alaana says:

    Wow a big thank you, I needed that check in as my ego was starting to go on its own adventure, ….time to recheck in with self and get back on course again…once again thank you

  • Millie says:

    Brilliant Christian, it all makes sense, I’ve struggled with this as its expectation that spiritual people shouldn’t charge. and love and blessings to

  • ChristianSinclair says:

    Love and blessings to you too Millie! I’m so glad you found this helpful and hope you are charging your worth!

  • Jude Aspan says:

    What a great blog, Christian! My daughter is an empathic healer (for lack of a better term) who often struggles with whether or not to do a reading for free when the person is “poor” financially but really needs help. She ends up working for free more often than not…which is no way to get her business up & running! I’m forwarding this blog to her…in hopes it will help her. Thank you for ALL your work in making sure God stays in modern spirituality 🙂

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