The Truth About Healers That Every Healer Should Know

One of newest trends in spirituality has to do with healers saying things such as “I’m not a healer” or “my clients do all the work themselves, I’m nothing as a healer.” Some people also have a serious issue with the word “healer” and refuse to even call themselves, or others, by that title.

While I understand the thoughts and opinions that lead to this mentality, I feel it’s important to shed light on the subject. Sometimes ego appears as though it’s noble and by bringing some light to the matter we can ensure our actions are based in Divine authenticity.

I would like to clarify that this in no way means a person needs a healer to have healing occur. This is only in regards to working with a healer and the role they play in our healing.

What is a Healer?

A healer is a holder of Truth. They are the reminder that we are already healed, whole, and perfect in the image and likeness of God/Spirit. Whether a healer is conscious of it or not, they are doing the work of the Holy Spirit because all healing that occurs is through the Holy Spirit.

A person does not need a healer to see healing manifest, but when we step into a space with a healer, we are consciously or unconsciously asking the Holy Spirit to move through that person to produce healing for us.

A healer is a conduit for the Holy Spirit to pass through. The more clear the conduit, the easier the transfer of energy. This is why it is critical for healers to continue their own spiritual journey. If they have too many human filters the messages, insights, and information that pass through can become misconstrued or misunderstood. As a healer progresses toward their spiritual mastery, they become a more open and receptive channel for healing to pass through.


The Role of the Healer

Many healers say, “I don’t do anything, it’s my client who does the healing themselves.” This is actually inaccurate and really devalues the role of the healer. In the situation of a healer working with a client, the healer is being asked to be the middle man between the client and the Divine. Therefore a healer must work profusely to be open, receptive, and clear, for Spirit to move freely, without interpretation or egos opinion. A healer living and thriving in ego will not have the same results as a spiritual master.

When the woman in the crowd touched Jesus’ robe, it was not only her faith that healed her. Jesus was a spiritual master who knew the Truth of God, and because of how intensely and steadfastly he knew that Truth, he was able to provide healing to all who believed.

This is no different for any other healer! Our job as healers is to know the Truth and commit to it so deeply that our clients can manifest that Truth themselves.

By saying “I’m not a healer” or disregarding the importance of their role by saying “my client is the one who does all the work,” immensely devalues the healer’s role, and greatly minimizes the work healers must do to remain a clear and open channel for the Holy Spirit.

If we want to get really technical, your client isn’t doing the healing either. All healing is through the Holy Spirit. Therefore, you are the one holding space for your client for the Holy Spirit to show the healing has already occurred.

The Divine Partnership

The person asking for healing must want and believe, that healing can manifest.

The healer must know that healing is already done and that it will manifest upon asking.

The Holy Spirit is the healer.

It is a Divine partnership.

I have personally devoted my life to attaining Spiritual Mastery and doing God’s work. I cannot say that I do “nothing” when it comes to healing. Not because I’m egotistical and need the praise, but by saying “I’m nothing” massively undervalues the work God and I have done together for me to get this far, and the work we continue to do together to best serve in the Truth.

To say a healer does nothing is like saying “Jesus did nothing. It was his believers who really did the work.” Those who had faith did assist in the healing by having faith, but Jesus also had to have faith to create the miracles he was able to manifest through God.

For all the Healers

It takes a fierce commitment to surrender our lives to God/Spirit, especially if we are working toward spiritual mastery. We are healers and conduits for the Holy Spirit. Please do not undermine or discredit the work you do or that God/Spirit does through you.

We cannot take credit for the healing, but neither can our clients. They can take credit for the faith and devotion that it requires for them to see healing, and we can own the amount of work and spiritual commitment we need to be the most powerful conduit that we can be.

Ego is taking the credit for God’s/Spirit’s work, but it is also the belief that we are nothing and that we contribute nothing as a healer. We are Divine souls who have chosen the role of assisting others with their divinity. It is an honorable commitment and often, a difficult initiation personally and spirituality. The contribution of the healer is the reflection of Spirit in a world created in ego. We act as holders for the Divine flame, and it is entirely acceptable to feel honored, joyful, and proud of how we manifest it for others.

To Owning Our Divine Role!

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  • Donna says:

    Thank you for this wonderful article…

  • Jennifer says:

    Thank you for this!!! It was definitely what I needed to hear today…
    I appreciate your wisdom, insight and thoughtful intention when it comes to communicating your message!

  • Linda says:

    Thank you Christian for a most wonderful article. I love the words regarding a healer as the holder of truth and the holders for the Divine flame!
    With gratitude and joy.

  • Linda says:

    Thnk you for this brings the meaning back into my words ..they flow like water from The Source

  • Belinda says:

    Beautiful and insightful. Gave me the tap I needed right now. Sometimes when I’m in a healing session, I am overwhelmed by Spirit’s love and power. It is so humbling and makes me feel almost insignificant, but you have articulated the divine partnership so beautifully…thank you Christian ❤️

    • ChristianSinclair says:

      Thank you, Belinda! I’m so happy to hear this shed some light on how you were feeling. I hope it stays with you in your sessions from here:) Love and Light to you!

  • Sharon Mitchell says:

    Thank you, I needed to hear your spiritual wisdom and found your words comforting! Thank you for sharing!

    • ChristianSinclair says:

      Thank you for reading and for sharing your loving feedback, Sharon! I’m so happy this was here for you when you needed it!

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