The Magic Behind The Scenes: Letting God Make Your Movie

When I worked in the film industry, I was constantly amazed by the tricks of the trade and all the intricate details that go into the movie making process, that the audience would never even consider. It’s extraordinary how many people it takes to make the movie magic happen. From microphone holders to writers, actors, extras, PAs, ADs and an endless parade of job titles. Did you know even the bugs you see in movies have trainers? There is a vast lineup of people, companies, and circumstances that make movies happen that you would never even think about.

This is the magic behind the scenes, and this is exactly the way your life created.

In our lives, we have a very limited perception. We are essentially the audience in our lives, sitting back and watching the film. We cannot possibly grasp the amount of magic that is taking place behind the scenes. It takes thousands of people to create a movie, just think how many it takes to participate in creating your life! We tend to think of ourselves as the sole creator, and that all it takes is the right mindset and goals to get what we want, but even then, it takes an incredible amount of collective consciousness to make things happen. This can feel extremely irritating when our life feels stagnant or lacking movement, and especially terrible when we want something which doesn’t seem to be happening the way we want it to. With so much talk about manifesting the life you want and how to manifest anything you want, it can seem confusing when things are not going your way.

A good example of this would be a job you are interested in. You want the job, you see yourself there, you create a vision board, you write a killer cover letter, turn in your resume and begin celebrating your win then, nothing. How can this be? What you’re not seeing is the magic behind the scenes. We don’t see all the pieces that fall into place to make our lives look the way we want. We decide we want something and expect the universe to pull up in a shiny car and hand it to us. But it takes millions of moments, people, and circumstances to make that possible.

What you don’t see is there’s a woman who currently has the job you want. Around the time you apply she suddenly decides it’s time to start a family. Her husband agrees, they are blessed with a baby, and after a lovely 10-month pregnancy and 6-week maternity leave she decides she doesn’t want to go back to work and almost a year after you applied, the position is now open. To us, this may feel like an eternity because we’re only seeing what we are, or are not, getting. We’re not seeing the whole picture and everything happening to make our “film” come together. God puts the desire in our hearts, and when we decide it’s time, begins putting the pieces in motion for us. Since we do not see the other pieces we become frustrated and begin to lose our faith in God, the process, and everything in between.

Sometimes this magic is more evident than others. Perhaps your flight is delayed and while you’re waiting you meet the partner of your dreams. Maybe you call in sick to work and there’s a fatal accident on the route you would have taken. Life is full of more obvious magic, but for the most part, we may never know why things happen the way they do. We can only amazed by the situations when they fall into place. The most important part is to trust the magic, no matter what the outcome, and know that it will fall into place in our favor, however that may look.

If you were making a movie with Steven Spielberg, would you be worried about whether he had proper lenses for his camera? Would you have anxiety wondering if he’s got proper funding to back the film? Of course not! You would feel completely comfortable knowing that Steven Spielberg is a professional, who makes incredible films with a massive amount of experience. You would trust that he knows what he’s doing and could relax and let the process happen because he is one the the top movie makers of all time. So why is it that we don’t do this with our lives? God is infinite with infinite resources and capabilities far beyond our scope of comprehension, yet we insist on demanding our lives look a certain way and that we know better. How is it that we would trust Steven Spielberg to make a movie but we have trouble trusting God to make our movie?

It comes down to being able to let God take the reins in our lives. God is the almighty director of our lives and has the ability to produce our masterpiece, but WE get in his way. We become so hard headed with what we prefer that we don’t let him make his magic. God could constantly be lining up a million pieces to your puzzle so that you can meet the love of your life but you are so busy insisting your ex, (who treats you badly) is the only one for you, that you are not noticing the Soul Mate God is putting in your path!

If we would actually let go, and let God do what he does best, our lives would not only be a lot less stressful, but we would have so much less heartache. God keeps knocking on our door saying “Let’s Make A Movie!” and we’re stuck watching the same old film. Instead of forcing our will onto God, let’s be CO-Creators in our movie. Let’s stop insisting how the movie should look when we have a “director” who knows WAY more than we do. Easier said than done?

Follow these tips and watch as your stress levels and anxiety subside, while your happiness and manifestation levels increase rapidly.

Let Go And Let God

This is the first and most difficult step. We have to let go of our ideas as to what we are supposed to be doing and how it is supposed to look. I know someone who wanted to make a film and was 100% sure as to how it would happen. They wanted to secure x amount of money for funding (FYI x = millions of dollars!) they would then get attention from some particular industry people, get the actors they had in mind to star in the film, win awards and get insane notoriety, be famous and get the pick of the litter for the rest of their career. Sounds pretty specific right? Now think of the possibilities that are being left out because of the laser focus on one idea. Goals are great, but we must let go of “this is the way it’s going to happen” and be open to the possibility that there is something better for us. Sometimes our goals are our intuition driving us, but it may not be for the reasons or outcome that we believe it to be. By having a goal, but being open to there being different ways it may come to fruition, you give God the ability to give you what is in your highest and best good, in the easiest way possible. When we push our agenda onto our goals, we may actually be making it more difficult than need be. When we talk about letting go or going with the flow, it may come across as though we don’t need to work hard and that if we relax and tell God, “alright you make my movie and I’ll kick it over here”, everything will fall into your lap. This is not the case.

Hard work is a must when it comes to creating the life you want. The key is to work hard to your achieve your goals but be open to the idea that God may have better plans for us.

Have Strong Players

When Gary Oldman was asked what it was like to work with Denzel Washington in ‘The Book of Eli’ he said that Denzel was such a good actor that it gave them the opportunity to “play”. When Al Pacino worked with Madonna on ‘Dick Tracy’ he thought she was unprofessional and should be fired. Her lack of professionalism created a bad work environment for the cast and crew.

When you have strong players in your life you are simplifying your life. You can have people in your life who allow you to “play” or people who create stressful situations for yourself and your “crew”. You want to have people in your life that promote ease, love, support, and peace, so that you are not being swallowed up by drama or situations which take you away from your passions or goals. Surround yourself with people who have drive, similar passions or goals, and the ability to give as much love, support, and inspiration as you give to them.
Be Positive And Know God Is Working For You

It can be difficult not to get discouraged when things don’t go our way, but instead of getting disappointed, get excited! If you want something and it doesn’t happen, thank your lucky stars and know that something out there is better for you. If we are opening to manifesting something better, God will provide it for us. It is alright to feel bummed out but do not wallow in it. You never know, the longer you’re keeping your eye on the things you didn’t get, you may be missing all the marvelous blessings God is trying to gift you.

You will see big changes in your life, feel stress-free, and become deliriously happy when you let God work his magic. Even if you don’t see all the pieces, the magic behind the scenes is happening and we have to trust it is being done. No matter what happens.

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